10 Tips To Turkey Hunting

This slideshow is one that I found with 10 simple tips to really help a novice turkey hunter.


Share Your Wildlife

In today’s world there are an endless number of ways to post, share, tag, and tweet your thoughts or opinions. It may seem counter productive to use these technologies while in the woods, but I encourage you to share your experiences in nature! If people see your posts and like them, it could recruit more outdoorsmen to experience the joys Alabama Wildlife can bring. After all, nature lovers breed conservationists and the more we conserve our resources the longer they can be enjoyed!

Hunting Waterfowl

For a while I have been very interested in hunting ducks because I have a number of friends that do and they say that it is incredibly exciting. After watching a few episodes of Duck Dynasty (filmed in Louisiana), I decided it was very possible for me to do it in Alabama or at least very close. I cannot say anything helpful to an aspiring Waterfowl enthusiast yet, since I am one too. However, I have recently been given a 12 gauge shotgun and a puppy which I know are good tools to help out (if I can train my puppy to fetch a duck). I want to try it out soon and see what all the hype is about. If anyone has any knowledge on this, please leave a comment on your experience.

(pic by www.outdooralabama.com)

The Game Warden

Alabama Game Warden (www.al.com)

In each region, Game Wardens are officials that are responsible for law enforcement pertaining to all laws for hunting, fishing, and trapping animals. Though they specialize in laws of wildlife regulation, they also have to power to arrest you for some other offenses, like a DUI. They also have rights that other officers do not, especially considering their ability to search property of vehicles without search warrants in some cases.