10 Tips To Turkey Hunting

This slideshow is one that I found with 10 simple tips to really help a novice turkey hunter.


Hunting Waterfowl

For a while I have been very interested in hunting ducks because I have a number of friends that do and they say that it is incredibly exciting. After watching a few episodes of Duck Dynasty (filmed in Louisiana), I decided it was very possible for me to do it in Alabama or at least very close. I cannot say anything helpful to an aspiring Waterfowl enthusiast yet, since I am one too. However, I have recently been given a 12 gauge shotgun and a puppy which I know are good tools to help out (if I can train my puppy to fetch a duck). I want to try it out soon and see what all the hype is about. If anyone has any knowledge on this, please leave a comment on your experience.

(pic by www.outdooralabama.com)